Mental Health Resources

If you don't know where to begin finding help for a mental health, substance use or emotional issue, call Colorado Crisis Services. Whether the call is for you or someone you know, they will provide confidential and immediate professional help. 

*Immediate Crisis Intervention

1-844-493-TALK (8255)
text TALK to 38255

Are you struggling with or looking for resources in areas like depression, grief, substance abuse, suicide, eating disorders, anxiety, homeless resources, etc.? Click HERE for some amazing resources available to you!


Grow Youth Center

Parker youth will have a safe and enriching place to hang out, build healthy peer and trusted adult relationships and explore their awesome after school, Monday through Friday. Some of the programs offered will include anti-bullying/martial arts empowerment, art exploration, healthy education and cooking classes, broadcast communication development, adult mentorship, life skills development and more. 

The grow youth center is FREE for middle schoolers and high schoolers (minimum 12 years old) to attend thanks to local supporters of grow community center and cafe

Youth Center Hours and Location
10355 S Progress Way, Parker (in To The Rescue Building)
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3:30-7:30 PM
Tuesday, Thursday 3:30-5:30 PM

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reported the following about college students:

  • 30% struggle with school work due to mental illness
  • 25% experience suicidal thoughts
  • 14% engage in reckless behavior

These shocking numbers moved the team at to do more research about mental illness among students. We realized those struggling with mental illness contend with a true disability that requires the full support of their learning community. 

Click HERE for more info!


Student Health 101 Issues

Student Health 101 represents a unique opportunity for high school educators to promote student wellness in their school. As part of the program, students anonymously access school branded wellness information that is designed especially for them. Topic categories span the seven dimensions of wellness: Mental & Emotional, Academic Success, Physical, Social, Environmental, Economic, and Spiritual. The content is research based and includes actionable learning outcomes so students can utilize the information in their lives. Students can also get involved by creating videos, reviewing apps, and writing columns or articles.

February 1st Issue of Student Health 101

In this issue:

  • Crushed by your Crush? How to move on when the feeling's not mutual
  • How to Make Sense of a Food Label
  • Test Better How to own the ACT or SAT

January 1st issue of Student Health 101

 In this issue:

  • All in One Workout- How to build strength, stamina and flexibility 
  • 5 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Money 
  • The Pursuit of Perfection- What is the Cost of Your High Standards?

December 15th Issue of Student Health 101

In this issue:

  • The Social Effect- How our peers can help us or hold us back
  • 5 Surprising Benefits of Volunteering
  • The FOMO Phenomenon- Social media induced fear of missing out

 December 1st Issue of Student Health 101

In this issue:

  • Just Say Thanks- Taking the awkward out of compliments
  • Cherish Your Sleep- How to take back the night
  • Avoiding the Flu- Are your healthy habits enough?